The Frontech Systems Pvt. Ltd. (FSPL) is a registered company in India with offices at Hyderabad, Muzaffarpur, Ranchi and Dehradun. Annual average turnover of the Company is about Indian Rupee Seventy Five Lakh. The company is in existence since 1997. The company was started with the initial business of customized software development for specific market segment of Cloth and Medicine whole sellers having annual turn over between 50 million to 500 million Indian Rupees. Over a period of times the software could be generalized to qualify as ERP solution for these two-market segment. Accounts, Inventory, Billing and MIS Reports are important modules of our solution. In order to provide turnkey solution to the end client we also became hardware resellers / assemblers. Main objective of this expansion was to provide one point solution to the customer.

The additional hardware support helped us to get software customer. Over a period of 10 years we are privileged to have about 300 numbers of satisfied customers of solution in Cloth and medicine segment. Besides, we also developed software for hotel, pathological labs and coalmines to provide tailor made solutions. At this point of time our Muzaffarpur office is dedicated completely to these market segments. We have become authorized service center for TVSE printers, LG phones and dealer for Compaq and HP. Our main source of revenue is maintenance charges from 300 software customers and customized software development. About 30% revenue is from hardware sales and service.

As an organization along with our key promoters we have achieved maturity in product oriented application software development services. Over a period of time with constant interaction with customers from various business domains we are able to model and map our ready-made software components to suit various aspects of the business process. We have created customizable re-usable software components to be used in a web-based application. Such an approach enables us to provide solution within a short period of time after proper system study and analysis.

Our vision is to create reusable components for all kinds of Internet based applications on various client devices (Desktop and hand held) With a view to provide thrust to software development and service, we started our Hyderabad, India operation exclusively for software services. The Hyderabad office is in existence since November 2004. We have about 25 software developers exclusively for web-based application.